sabatino pezzella

His passion is cooking, including the role of Head Chef for impressive parties for the owners, celebrities, and VIPS at the Kentucky Derby

Sabatino Pezzella

Food Service Director

“Sam” Pezzella takes pride in offering a variety of great tasting food with fresh ingredients and flavorful recipes.  Italian cooking may be his longest specialty, but the options, sauces, side dishes, salads, etc., continue to impress the most critical palettes.

His work is his passion.  In addition to his peers, his team of culinary artists, and energetic and friendly dining room servers, Sam is supported by a family and a son that he loves.  He is building on an exceptional dining experience for our residents.  With a warm and welcoming personality, Sam thrives on providing menu options rich with cultural diversity to take every resident down memory lane with his culinary skills.