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5 Easy Fall Prevention Tips

As summer winds down, many of us are eager to welcome fall—leaves are changing colors, the weather starts to cool and some of our favorite comfort foods are back in season. Another thing to celebrate at the start of fall is National Fall Prevention Day on September 23.

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Therapeutic Lying and Why Caregivers Do It

  Most of us learn from a young age that lying has consequences. As children, we are told all kinds of stories—from “Pinocchio” to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”—making it clear why we should tell the truth. What these stories leave out is that there are some instances when...

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10 things to do in Merrimack Valley this summer

  Summer is in full swing, which means plenty of fun in the sun all around New England. The Merrimack Valley is already bustling with more people finding ways to enjoy the warm weather and get involved in community events. There are so many summertime activities...

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Preparing Children to Visit a Loved One with Memory Loss

  Watching a loved one assimilate, flourish and thrive in memory care, knowing they have the support and guidance they need on difficult days, is comforting. And for those who are familiar with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, helping a loved one relocate to...

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3 Steps to reducing stress during a move to Memory Care

  Moving is stressful for most people, but for those with memory loss, relocating can be especially traumatic. The effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s aren’t restricted to short-term memory; individuals with memory loss process information differently and can have...

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